The term “Big Five” was originally coined by big game hunters referring to the five most challenging animals to hunt on foot. The term was widely used to refer to those 5 animals that are hardest to hunt, during the famous hunting safaris in Africa, when tourists came for Big game hunting. However, today, the

Are you interested in visiting Tanzania and flamingoes are among the must sees for you? This is a comprehensive guide on the Flamingo safaris in Tanzania, the best time to see flamingoes in Tanzania, and the best places to spot flamingoes while travelling in Tanzania. A breathtaking scene unfolds as numerous elegant creatures with tall,

The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is renowned for its abundant lion population. Lions are a flagship species of the park and are a major tourist attraction. The Serengeti ecosystem provides a favorable habitat for lions due to its vast grasslands, woodlands, and diverse prey base. Lions in the Serengeti are part of a larger

As tourists plan their safaris to Africa, Kenya and Tanzania are some of the top destinations that appear on their searches. Both countries have some of the best Safari destinations that offer superior wildlife viewing and other Safari activities like relaxing on the beaches and the famous wildebeest migration which can be witnessed in both

Located in East Africa, Tanzania is a top safari destination in Africa with a variety of safari destinations in the different parts of the country. It is a destination that attracts different types of tourists from those that wish to take on adrenaline activities, and relaxing and adventurous safaris, Tanzania is your destination. The Safari

It is no secret that Tanzania is one of the best Safari destinations you can explore on the African continent as it will offer you nearly everything that you can ever wish for or imagine on an African Safari Holiday. Basing on a thorough analysis of the numerous reviews written about Tanzania by various travelers

Taking a Southern Tanzania Safari is extremely fulfilling, very wild, conducted along the off-the-beaten tracks and will definitely change your choice of whether to take a luxury safari or a wild safari experience. The amazing thing about such safaris is that in just a few minutes you can connect from Dar es Salaam to any

Tanzania is indeed the best safari destination on the African continent as the wildlife is extremely diverse and very large in numbers, with breathtaking scenery and a very large number of lodges and safari camps to suit every budget, styles and preferences of their visitors. Now with so much to choose from all before you,