Located in the heart of Tanzania’s pristine wilderness, the Mdonya Old River Camp stands as a testament to eco-friendly luxury and intimate wildlife encounters. This camp, nestled within the expansive Ruaha National Park – Tanzania’s largest – offers visitors a genuine safari experience, promising a harmonious blend of adventure and relaxation.

Discover Mdonya Old River Camp

Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park stands as the grandest and most untouched wildlife sanctuary. We invite you to immerse yourself in its vastness.

Mdonya Camp RuahaExperience authentic wilderness, far removed from the crowds, with nature’s creatures as your only neighbors. Nothing brings out the primal essence within us quite like hearing a lion’s roar up close. Recognizing our innate connection to these wild beings, we’re reminded of the critical need to champion their protection and conservation.
A retreat to Mdonya Old River Camp is more than just a getaway—it’s a pilgrimage to our most ancestral beginnings. It takes us back to a time when we lived as one with the wilderness, coexisting peacefully alongside every creature.
Journey to Tanzania’s heartland, nestled in the country’s core, atop a plateau that rises a thousand meters above, right at the threshold of the Rift Valley. Here lies the enchanting Mdonya Old River. While we embrace our wild side, we still value the comforts of modern life, but tread lightly and responsibly.

Getting to Mdonya Old River Camp

By Air

For those looking to swiftly reach Mdonya Old River Camp, daily flights with Coastal Aviation are available
From both Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar. Flights have also been introduced from the iconic Serengeti to Ruaha National Park although at a very high cost.

When flying in or out of Mdonya Old River Camp, the designated airstrip is Msembe, located within the Ruaha National Park.

By Road

For travelers with an adventurous spirit and time to spare, the journey by car promises scenic landscapes and unique experiences:

From Dar es Salaam The journey to Mdonya spans over a day and a half.
On the first day, we recommend breaking your journey in Iringa after covering approximately 600 km on a tarmac road from Dar es Salaam.

The following day, continue your adventure towards Ruaha National Park, traversing 120 km on a gravel road.

Things to note when travelling to Mdonya Old River

The park’s entrance gate shuts at 18:00.

Once you’ve entered the park, it’s a further 45 km drive to reach the welcoming embrace of Mdonya Old River Camp.

We advise travelers to plan their journey through a legitimate tour operator like Southern Tanzania safaris, ensuring they arrive at their destinations safely and comfortably.

Activities at Mdonya Old River Camp

The camp is a gateway to unparalleled safari adventures. Flexible game drives lead guests through an array of ecosystems, from dense forests and grasslands to the mesmerizing Baobab valleys. Mdonya Old River Camp ensures an immersive experience with their bush breakfasts, lunches, and sundowners. Our 3 days Ruaha National Park safari is a sample of the many packages that we offer, which include Ruaha.

Sustainable Practices, Mdonya is an Eco camp

Being an eco-camp, Mdonya Old River Camp is deeply rooted in sustainable and eco-friendly practices. From harnessing solar power to supporting local communities and using renewable resources, the camp is a haven for eco-conscious travelers.

Additional information

LocationRuaha National Park
Luxury LevelStandard Luxury, Rustic Luxury

The camp boasts twelve traditional safari tents, each nestled spaciously under towering sycamore figs and Faidherbia albida. Every tent, equipped with ensuite bathrooms, dressing rooms, solar-heated showers, and separate flush toilets, promises comfort and an authentic safari experience.

The Serene Mdonya Tents

Nestled beneath the expansive canopy of towering sycamore figs and majestic Faidherbia albida trees, twelve tents grace the winding banks of the Mdonya sand river. Each tent embodies the essence of classic safari charm, offering comfort and intimacy, making it perfect for individual travelers, loving couples, or family adventurers.

Every tent features a private ensuite bathroom, equipped with a dressing area, a unique open-roofed solar-heated shower, and separate flush toilets, blending convenience with an authentic wilderness experience.

For families seeking additional space, Mdonya tents are adaptable. An extra tent room can be seamlessly attached to the veranda, ensuring a spacious and comfortable stay for every member.

Unwind in Nature’s Embrace at Mdonya Old River

Our expansive verandahs serve as perfect havens for relaxation, letting you indulge in tranquil moments amidst the wilderness or bask in the sights of passing wildlife. Looking for a warm brew? Head over to our lounge and delight in complimentary tea or coffee, immersing yourself in the serene backdrop.

For curious minds, a curated collection of wildlife books awaits. Dive deep into tales of nature, or select a keepsake from our gift shop. Your purchases directly contribute to our community development initiatives and conservation efforts, weaving your experience into the broader tapestry of positive change.

Nestled in a scenic wilderness, the camp beckons a rich tapestry of fauna. Simply recline with a captivating read and a set of binoculars, and nature’s spectacle unfolds before you. From impalas, zebras, and giraffes to the more elusive kudus, dikdiks, elephants, lions, and leopards, the area is a hub of wondrous sightings and experiences.

Mdonya Old River camp is located inside the Ruaha National Park’s boundaries.

Mdonya Old River Camp’s Location

Mdonya Old River Camp tented room
Mdonya Old River Camp Double Bed
Mdonya Old River Camp Lounge
Mdonya Old River Camp Bush Lunch

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