Best 5 Luxury Safari Accommodations in Southern Tanzania
Selous Sand Rivers Camp

Taking a Southern Tanzania Safari is extremely fulfilling, very wild, conducted along the off-the-beaten tracks and will definitely change your choice of whether to take a luxury safari or a wild safari experience. The amazing thing about such safaris is that in just a few minutes you can connect from Dar es Salaam to any of the remote southern wildlife habitats. This is the only place on the African continent where holidaymakers can get to explore the off-the-beaten-tracks without having to drive for so long hours. Actually, nothing can be matched to the beauty of the large open plains of Ruaha National Park, or the rolling green hills plus the breathtaking sight of the numerous palm trees that line the banks of River Rufiji within Selous Game Reserve. Because Southern Tanzania is generally a less popular tourist destination, the cost of accommodation there is very unique. You will get an opportunity to stay in some of the most beautiful and high-class luxury safari accommodations across the African continent but at a lower price compared to what is paid in Northern Tanzania. Furthermore, the closeness of the popular islands of Zanzibar and Pemba to Southern Tanzania Safari destination is another bonus as a Beach Holiday can be organized as an extension before or after your Southern Tanzania Safari.

Another important thing worth mentioning is the fact that game viewing within this part of Tanzania is very amazing, so expect to encounter a very large number and diversity of wildlife, and a more private, well guided safari experience as compared to that in northern Tanzania Safari Parks. The southern Tanzania safari parks are done by professional guides whom because of the topography and wild animals living there have to pay more attention to detail as they read the tracks and listen to the echoes from the bushes rather than radio call each other for assistance. It is no surprise that you may complete your Southern Tanzania Safari without meeting any other people a thin that makes this indeed a Luxury Safari Paradise.

Below are our Best 5 Luxury Safari Accommodations in Southern Tanzania

1. Siwandu Camp

The Siwandu is located within the Nyerere National Park, formerly  Selous Game Reserve on the shores of River Rufiji. It is a very amazing luxurious facility finished with a blend of even cream surfaces and canvas. It offers very good views of Lake Siwandu on which you can enjoy sunset cruises as well as boat safaris, with occasional sights of elephants that visit the lake shores to drink water. The staff here are very charming, extremely jolly and will definitely ‘spoil you’ with great hospitality treatment and fun throughout your stay a thing that will make your safari truly memorable.

2. Sand Rivers Selous

The Sand Rivers Selous is located on the shores of River Rufiji, on the other side opposite of the Siwandu so each of the rooms / suites in this cherished safari lodge enjoys breathtaking uninterrupted views of the river and the different animals and birds living in and on its shores. You will see numerous hippos, crocodiles and a great diversity of colored water birds. Each of the rooms together with the main area were constructed with a finishing of local materials, which give it a true natural peaceful wilderness ambience. Every room has a verandah where guests can sit and enjoy this quite but beautify setting. The Sand Rivers Selous has some of the finest food as well as one of the most hospitable well trained team of staff, so by the end of your stay you won’t feel like a mere tourist but as one of the members of the Sand Rivers Selous family.

3. Azura Selous

The Azura Selous is found within the Selous Game Reserve, however within a completely different location compared to the above earlier mentioned luxury facilities.  The facility is located within a more pristine, wilder and extremely beautiful area, with plenty to see despite the fact that there is less game around this area. The lodge offers twelve very nice rooms with plunge pools where you can easily see antelopes and hippos grazing especially in the night. The food here is good and the staff here are hospitable and very helpful. There is an outdoor shower that offers amazing views of river Rufiji. The best highlight at Azura Selous is the indulging spa and the remarkable guided walking Safaris conducted starting there. Throughout the year, the lodge has a number of special offers for its guests which makes it a more likeable accommodation facility among holidaymakers.

4. Kigelia Camp Ruaha

Kigelia Camp is found in Ruaha National Park which is not only part of the Southern Tanzania National Parks, but also the largest National Park in the whole of Tanzania. Unfortunately, this park has been overlooked my many holidaymakers due to its remoteness despite the fact that it offers very dramatic views of large numbers of wild animals, a thing that recently raised its status among the luxury safari accommodations. This is the best luxury accommodation in Ruaha National park, and offers great comfort, nice food and classy customer service from its amazingly hospitable team of staff. The comfort and amazing treatment you will receive during your stay at the Kigelia Camp will without a doubt make your Southern Tanzania Safari very memorable.

5. Jongomero Camp

Jongomero Camp is another outstanding luxury safari camp found within Ruaha National Park, and it is constructed half lodge, half canvas, similar to its sister camp the Siwandu like luxury safari Camp. The staff here are very fun-loving and amazing, the food is extremely nice with unique opportunities to enjoy meals in the bush. A safari in Ruaha National park can be combined with a visit to the Selous Game Reserve as well as the Zanzibar islands.

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