During Your Safari, Once you step foot into Serengeti National Park, your perspective on the surrounding environment will undergo a significant transformation. This is because you are now inside one of the world’s most remarkable and captivating national parks. Actually, Serengeti National Park has been voted the most times in the past decade; as the

As tourists plan their safaris to Africa, Kenya and Tanzania are some of the top destinations that appear on their searches. Both countries have some of the best Safari destinations that offer superior wildlife viewing and other Safari activities like relaxing on the beaches and the famous wildebeest migration which can be witnessed in both

Located in East Africa, Tanzania is a top safari destination in Africa with a variety of safari destinations in the different parts of the country. It is a destination that attracts different types of tourists from those that wish to take on adrenaline activities, and relaxing and adventurous safaris, Tanzania is your destination. The Safari

Is visiting Tanzania for safari safe? This is a very common question among safari enthusiasts who would like to travel to Tanzania. The answer is simple; Yes, Tanzania safari is safe. Tanzania is one of the safest countries in East Africa with some of the best safari destinations in the region. Tanzania has a lot

Taking a Southern Tanzania Safari is extremely fulfilling, very wild, conducted along the off-the-beaten tracks and will definitely change your choice of whether to take a luxury safari or a wild safari experience. The amazing thing about such safaris is that in just a few minutes you can connect from Dar es Salaam to any

Tanzania is indeed the best safari destination on the African continent as the wildlife is extremely diverse and very large in numbers, with breathtaking scenery and a very large number of lodges and safari camps to suit every budget, styles and preferences of their visitors. Now with so much to choose from all before you,